Friday, 25 October 2013

TMS leads the way for extreme thrills!

3D design software is one of the 'major breakthroughs’ behind the new generation of extreme roller coaster rides.

Technology has transformed the theme park thrill ride, fuelling a global arms race to create the fastest, tallest, scariest roller coasters the world has ever known.

Alton Towers in Staffordshire has just opened the world's first 14-loop roller coaster, called The Smiler, while in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World claims to have the world's fastest coaster.

The major breakthrough has been 3D design engineering software from Autodesk and Solidworks.

"Our software allows designers to create highly accurate digital prototypes and understand how a ride will behave before they build it," Carl Bass, Autodesk chief executive, told the BBC.

"It can predict the weakest point in the design; the likely fatigue rate of the materials; the speeds and G-forces."

 Still from Spider-Man ride
3D projections, like those used in Universal's Spider-Man rides, will be combined with the latest thrill ride launch technologies to create a more intense multi-sensory experience

This software, together with tubular steel tracks, innovative car and harness designs, and LSMs, have given designers the freedom to incorporate multiple launches and all sorts of vertical rolls, loops and corkscrews traditional coasters could never have managed.

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