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Please have a look at our tips & tricks and see if there is anything you can take away from it. There are tutorials for every level of user in both AutoCAD and Revit. 
New Tutorials will be uploaded on a regular basis so keep an eye on the website.
Click on the link for whatever topic you want and you will be taken to our company website page where you can download the PDF tutorial of your chosen topic.

Autodesk 360 BIM:

Setting up your 360 account and sharing files     Here


Saving a family out of a project     Here
Create your own Tags     Here
Section Colour fill with Legend    Here
Creating a view through a window     Here     
Displaying light sources     Here
Update all Families to new Version     Here 
Why are some level symbols Black?     Here
Transferring Project standards     Here
Creating signage - 3D model Text     Here
Rotate plan view on sheet     Here
Editing a wall profile & adding a custom sweep     Here


Export to PDF vs. Print to PDF     Here
Using poly-lines to define areas     Here
Working with line-types     Here
Multiple Offset     Here
How to Dimension faster     Here
Cleaning up the UI     Here
Cleaning up your Drawing     Here
Quick tips & shortcuts     Here  

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