Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Autodesk Subscription

Are you utilising your Subscription benefits?
You may not realise just how many resources Autodesk provide via their subscription services. Not only do you get access to a wide variety of product-specific add-ins to increase user workflow and productivity, subscription customers also get access to the Autodesk 360 Cloud.

Autodesk 360 Baseline Features

With a Subscription to any Autodesk software product or suite, you’ll enjoy 25GB of storage for any Autodesk file type per seat. The ability to share these files in a instant enables you to increase mobility and simplify collaboration with clients, colleagues, and business partners.

Autodesk 360 Cloud Services

Subscription customers can utilize the near infinite computing power of the cloud platform to perform a variety of time consuming tasks, including rendering, design optimization, energy analysis, and structural analysis.

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