Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Important information for 2015 release

So, its that time of year again.
Most of the 2015 Autodesk products & suites have been release and are all available from the AUTODESK SUBSCRIPTION CENTER
If you want to know what has changed, then please scroll down and browse through some of our recent posts about 2015 enhancements.

Here is some important information we feel you should know relating to the 2015 software.

1. To do with subscription members who have NETWORK licences. If you are upgrading to 2015 on network licences then YOU WILL NEED TO UPDATE YOUR "NETWORK LICENCE MANAGER" (NLM) TO VERSION 11.12. Your products will not be able to retrieve a licence if you are using a NML version of 11.11 or less.
All 2015 software contains NML 11.12, which you can install from the "tools & utilities" section of the install window. 
You can read about this in the AUTODESK INSTALLATION HELP GUIDE

2. The majority of 2015 software IS NOT SUPPORTED on 32-bit operating systems. Also with the "death" of Windows XP nothing less than Windows 7 is supported either. You can see the system requirements for the 2015 software on the AUTODESK KNOWLEDGE NETWORK 

This does not mean the software will not install or run on a 32 bit machine running windows XP, it just means that there is no support if any issues arise, and there will be no further developments with the software in relation to that operating system. So if you do keep you computer as 32 bit on Win XP then it will prove very difficult to resolve any issues (with ANY software, not just Autodesk products)

3. There is now an application called "Autodesk application manager" (AAM) which will be installed with any Autodesk software. This is a fantastic tool which removes a lot of effort on the users part to have to manually find and install service packs or updates. The AAM will alert you as soon as any update or service pack for ANY Autodesk software installed on your computer, and gives you a button to install all available updates/Service packs at the one time. This tool constantly runs in the backround searching for updates and you can find it in your applications tray. You can choose to turn it off or uninstall it if you wish but it is extremely useful.
One issue with this application is that if you have some restrictions on your computer for applications that need internet access. If so, you will need to contact your IT department and have them approve this application (if they see fit)

For more information about Autodesk products, training or support please visit TMS website

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