Friday, 28 March 2014

New features for Revit and AutoCAD 2015

So, Autodesk have today announced the new features for the 2015 release of all their software. Here are a few of the NEW features for Revit and AutoCAD

REVIT 2015:
  • Link IFC option - we are now able to "link" in IFC files into our Revit projects the same way we can link in other Revit files or AutoCAD files. This will improve the quality of the IFC files within our models.
  • Sketchy lines - This has been a topic of discussion in our office here at TMS for some time now and it has finally appeared in the software. We can now choose to apply "sketchy lines" to our view for a more relaxed informal feel to the drawing. I'm sure all the Architects out there will drooling about this addition.
  • Element images in schedules - You can now input individual images into a schedule for a graphical representation each object
AutoCAD 2015:
  • New interface design - Updated design of the AutoCAD UI, makes navigation much easier within the software
  • New Tab improvements - When you select a new tab, rather than opening a new pre-defined template you have the option to open any template or drawing from you computer or even directly from your cloud account or you can view online tutorials or information
There is a new "Autodesk application manager" where you can check if there are any updates/hotfixes/service packs for ANY Autodesk software you have installed, here you can download and install without having to go and search for this information yourself.

There are MANY MANY more udpates and improvements, you can find them from either of the following links:

Have a read and leave a comment to let us know what you think of the new functions and improvements.

REVIT 2015:

AutoCAD 2015:

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