Thursday, 4 April 2013

Autodesk 2014 Launch

28th March sees the official launch date of Autodesk 2014 products. Subscription customers will be able to automatically download the new release via the subscription site.

In the past Subscription customers have setup their profile to automatically have the media sent out to them from Autodesk , however Autodesk default delivery method is, Download.
We understand that there are many people who have tight security measures in place or have poor Broadband speeds who may require a physical copy of the media. Subscription customers can request the media by :
Suggestion. Click on the My profile page (top right hand corner of the screen) and confirm that the Contact email and delivery address details are correct.

Step 1 logging into their Subscription Account and click on Get Your Upgrade
Step 2 Under Related Information on the left menu, click Request Media for:

Note: If you have multiple subscription accounts, choose the one containing the product you would like to request physical media for.
Step 3 On the Boxed Shipment Request page, select the Product, Language and Quantity you would like to have shipped. Click Save Quantity and then Continue
Step 4 Select the most appropriate Reason from the drop down and click Save Reason.

Enter the Address where you would like to have your physical media shipped. Click Save Changes and Continue.
Step 5 Review the information and click Submit Request
After submitting you'll receive a confirmation via email.
Note: Shipping will take approximately three weeks.

For more information about Autodesk products, training or support please visit TMS website

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