Monday, 3 February 2014

The Six Stages of Revit

One of our customers has recently shared this with me. It was created and posted by another blog but I thought it was worthy of sharing with you here..

The Six Stages of Revit
This is a "re-post" of the classic...

The Six Stages of Revit - from newbie to nirvana...

Stage One - Initial Excitement!!!

"Holy Crap! Look what I can do with this thing!"

Stage Two - First bump
"Hmmmm...? Why won't it do what I want? That's not how I do it in AutoCAD!"

Stage Three - Creamy Middle
"mmm... things are going more smoothly, now......mmmmm"

Stage Four - WTF stage
The family editor "eats you up and spits you out"!

Stage Five - The Enlightenment
Things really begin to click! You understand why things are happening in your
model, and better yet how to control them and avoid problems. You have
conquered the family editor.

Stage Six - Zen of Revit

You have mastered nearly all things revit. You "know" what Revit "likes", and
what it "dislikes" during model construction, a sixth sense, really. You spend your
time exploring and tweaking advanced scheduling, OBDC, external parameters,
AR3. You have a template to beat all templates, families for every situation.

Copyright 2003 Chris Zoog (Zoog Design)

The 6 Stages of Revit

Please don’t struggle through the stages of Revit and BIM implementation on your own. TMS can help you along the way don’t hesitate to contact us for information on training and support whatever stage if implementation you are at.

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